Thinking Skills KS3 & KS4

All of our Key Stage 3 students have one Thinking Skills lesson a fortnight, giving them a specific opportunity to develop their independent and collaborative thinking skills, fostering and encouraging curiosity and creativity.  The programme gives students the chance to think in new ways, to reflect on how they learn, and to feel encouraged and motivated about their learning.

In Year 9, there is a specific focus on developing independent study skills in preparation for their Key Stage 4 studies. Students experiment with different revision techniques, as well as looking at skills such as note-taking, organisation and time-management.

The skills that the students develop through their Thinking Skills lessons are designed to enhance their learning in other subjects, throughout time at Heyford Park School and beyond.



  • Thinking Introduction
  • Thinking Pictures
  • Thinking Questions
  • Thinking Links
  • Thinking Enquiry
  • Thinking Reasons
  • Thinking Together
  • Thinking Puzzles and Codes
  • Thinking Media
  • Thinking Spaces
  • Thinking Music
  • Thinking Creatively
  • Thinking Evaluation


  • Thinking Memory
  • Thinking Communication
  • Thinking Detectives: conspiracy theories; analysis; evaluation
  • Thinking Creatively
  • Thinking Together in Discussion
  • Thinking Survival
  • Thinking Illusions
  • Thinking Logically
  • Thinking Reasons
  • Thinking Evaluation


  • Thinking Detectives
  • Thinking Note Taking
  • Thinking Research
  • Thinking Memory
  • Thinking Revision
  • Thinking Ahead
  • Thinking Organisation
  • Thinking Questions
  • Thinking Review and Evaluation
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