Spellings - Sounds and Syllables KS2

In Key Stage 2 we use the Jason Wade Sounds & Syllables primary spelling programme (spelling - jason wade education (jweducation.co.uk) to support teaching and learning of spellings. 

This programme was designed with three simple, principles in mind: that it would be universal, simple and logical. It builds on and reinforces the phonics learning that our pupils undertake at Key Stage 1. 


Sounds and Syllables works with spellers of all abilities, from those who might find spelling consistently a challenge to those who are confident, sophisticated spellers. The Sounds & Syllables spelling approach helps children to spell any word in the English Language from hip to hippopotomonstrosesquipedaliophobia. 


Because the Sounds & Syllables approach works with all children of all abilities to spell any word, it’s an approach that only needs to be learned once and pays back in improved spelling for years to come. There are no complex spelling rules to learn, no mess of unhelpful spelling activities (no look cover write check, word shapes, rainbow spelling, backwards spelling, does it look right?, crosswords or word searches), just one simple five-step spelling sequence. Because the Sounds & Syllables is so simple to learn and apply, children use it where they need it most – at the point of writing. 


Sounds & Syllables teaches children how English spelling actually works. This unlocks the logic of English spelling (it is not a chaotic mess with countless rules and countless exceptions) and shows children how a few simple principles can improve their spelling. 

Click here to read the KS2 Primary Spellings - Sounds and Syllables Curriculum

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