The Edge

Through The Edge, we offer our students the opportunity to develop their Leadership, Organisation, Resilience, Initiative and Communication (LORIC) skills, which universities and employers want to see in prospective candidates.

By following The Edge programme, students gain up to three qualifications that have been endorsed by the Confederation of British Industries (CBI); these run alongside their academic successes and recognise what they can do as well as what they know.  As a school, we are able to provide students with official recognition for the many activities, events and challenges that they successfully complete outside of the classroom as well as continuing to support them with all that they do within it.

In order to gain the qualification at ‘Apprentice’, ‘Graduate’ or ‘Masters’ level, students are required to complete a range of activities from an approved list.  The activities can be undertaken in normal lessons, in extra-curricular clubs or outside of school.  The qualification recognises activities that students may have already completed as well as motivating them to seek other activities to further develop the key LORIC attributes and skills.

Students manage their own progress, with Form Tutors and Leading Edge Coordinators (LECs) for each Year Group providing an oversight and support while being able to award credits towards achieving the relevant qualification.

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